HypnotherapSee a new world in your minds eye.y withTrance-Formed

Hypnotherapy programmes with                  us have high success rates                          and carrry appropriate guarantees.Our Hypnotherapists are are highly qualified and dedicated to bringing you the best in effective treatment forms. Please see below for our fees and treatment formats in brief.

20% reductions are available for you if you are a First Scotrail, Gobal Energy  or Glasgow City Council Employee or if you have been referred by one of our previous clients.

In addition if you too would like a 20% reduction in our fees, you can ask your Human Resources / Personnel Dept to contact us and we will arrange that for you.



Hypnotherapy for Smoking

Preparation pack; 2 Hour Hypnotherapy Session Support by email or telephone; Free Refresher Session for 1 year if required great success rates: 125.                                   

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.

Using our 5 direction approach: 3 Sessions in 3 weeks followed by 1 at two weeks, 4 weeks and 2 months - 60 per 1.25 hour session.



Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief.

3 Sessions in 3 weeks followed by 1 at two weeks, 4 weeks and 2 months - 60 per 1.25 hour session.

Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias.

Flying, Spiders, Snakes, Small Spaces, Open Spaces, Crowds - Do you have irrational life altering fears that are stopping you from living a full and happy life? How can Hypnotherapy remove phobias in just 2 sessions.. 60 per 1.25 hour session.

Hypnotherapy for building real Confidence and Self EsteemYour Self Confidence and Belief come from your sub-conscious. Hypnosis and therapy in Trance treats the subconscious. Combined with new strategies in communication and life your going to feel much better. 60 per 1.25 hour session.

How can Hypnotherapy quickly help to build your Self Confidence and Belief...



Trance-Formed Hypnotherapy at Central Chiropractic & Health Clinic, 93 Hope Street, Central Chambers, Mezzanine Level, Opposite Glasgow Central Station Entrance Next to Cafe Nero