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Hypnotherapy to build Confidence

and Self-Esteem.

Thinking badly of yourself and having poor self esteem is a curse and causes untold damage to your life, opportunities and personal relationships. It is hard to accept love if you cannot love yourself.

It is in our opinion one of the worst ailments that you can allow yourself to suffer from.

Let Hypnotherapy help you to have the self-image and self love that your really deserve.

Confidence and Anxiety

Have people told you that they do not want to be part of a relationship with you because you are to needy?? Do you spend a lot of time talking to yourself in your mind in a negative and insulting manner? Would you like to increase your confidence in interacting with other people at work and at home? Would you like to be more assertive in a relaxed and confident manner? Would you like to enjoy greater success in every endeavour that you undertake? Would you like your gently self confidence to attract other people?

Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief.

Hypnotherapy can be used in conjunction with your efforts in the sessions to build up your self confidence enormously and also to rebuild and enhance your feelings of great self-esteem. It is just plainly wrong that people feel badly about themselves and that they are affected badly by what they perceive that other people think of them.


You can give yourself the gift of a more fulfilled, happier and more satisfied life just by building up your self-esteem and confidence. Hypnotherapy can offer you really effective help in doing this, especially if you feel that lack of self esteem and confidence have very obviously impacted on your life.

Hypnotherapy for building real Confidence and Self Esteem

Hypnotherapeutic sessions to increase self confidence and to address matters of self esteem  usually should address any underlying issues and so it can be difficult to predict how many may be required, but for single issue behavioural challenge such as singing in public or giving presentations, one session should be sufficient to effect a noticeable improvement for you.



The investment for this type of issue is 60 pounds per hour long session, at the end of which you should feel noticeably better. However your will not be surprised that due to the sometimes deep-rooted or multi-factorial nature of this challenge, more than one session is normally necessary.