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Hypnotherapy is amazingly                   effective...

What do want to change in your life? Hypnotherapy can help when other methods fail. You do not need to opt for the slower "talking therapies" which may be unable to help you to make the changes you require in a useful timeframe. Hypnotherapy with Trance-Formed in our Glasgow City Centre Clinic, is a relaxing and enjoyable process which strongly enhances your sub-conscious ability to overcome your problem and bring you much needed relief in a very short time?

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Hypnotherapy for Smoking

Do you desperately want to become a healthy and  happy non-smoker? Have you tried everything to stop smoking before and feel like you have tried everything?                          How can Hypnotherapy with us help you to stop smoking in only 2 Hours...

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.

Do you want to lose weight and stop fighting with yourself; alternating between binge and famine and not understanding why you can't seem to stop? How can hypnotherapy with us help you to lose weight...



Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief.

Are you completely stressed out? Are you having difficulty sleeping? Do you feel as though your heart is hammering? Do you find yourself over-reacting to things? How can Hypnotherapy help you to reduce Stress or Anxiety dramatically...

Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias.

Flying, Spiders, Snakes, Small Spaces, Open Spaces, Crowds - Do you have irrational life altering fears that are stopping you from living a full and happy life? How can Hypnotherapy remove phobias in just 2 sessions

Hypnotherapy for building real Confidence and Self EsteemYour Self Confidence and Belief come from your sub-conscious. Hypnosis and therapy in Trance treats the subconscious. Combined with new strategies in communication and life your going to feel much better.

How can Hypnotherapy quickly help to build your Self Confidence and Belief...



Trance-Formed Hypnotherapy at Central Chiropractic & Health Clinic, 93 Hope Street, Central Chambers, Mezzanine Level, Opposite Glasgow Central Station Entrance Next to Cafe Nero.


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